Send a letter to all MLCs who supported the State Government’s legislation to privatise TasTAFE teachers and staff.

Here are some points you might like to include in your letter, but please make sure your letter is individualised and give some personal anecdotes to illustrate the key points, for maximum impact.

TasTAFE teachers have committed years of hard work and dedication building up TasTAFE, for it to now be torn down.

Kicking 900 TasTAFE employees out of the public service is an insult to TasTAFE staff’s years of commitment to the organisation.

The Liberals’ TasTAFE Bill does nothing to improve the organisation. MLCs have voted for a hollow piece of legislation.

Government promises of no current teacher conditions being worse off are misleading and shortsighted. Future teachers will also suffer.

The new laws send TasTAFE down the path of privatisation with the risk of increased student fees and more course and campus closures.

MLCs ignored the voices of teachers, staff and students.

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